A new format that combines farm and ice cream. Adults and children can enjoy, outdoor in large green spaces, ice cream, frozen desserts and ice lollies. All-filled quality, authenticity and freshness, as the main ingredients used are produced directly: milk and eggs from cows and the hens and the fresh fruit grown in the companys farm orchard. The proposed tastes, without excluding more traditional ones such as cream, cream, chocolate, will be especially those made from local products. For example, if you are in Piedmont, lamaretto Mombaruzzo or hazelnuts made with hazelnuts delle Langhe. The equipment used must be cutting edge. One way to make known the activity would be to invite school children to see how to make ice cream and how they produce directly from the farm the main ingredients.

Life Cycle of the Idea: In Circulation
Technical Innovation: The Product / Service Organization
Market: Market Widespread
Skills 'Technical Necessary: Sophisticated, Easily Be Acquired
Geographical Location: In Countryside
Investment Needed: Medium Low - From A Few Thousand Euros Up To 100,000 $
Method 'Start: Start System

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