Launching a store of fresh pasta, that is involved in producing and selling homemade stuffed egg-based pasta, is a very interesting initiative. Thanks to the rediscovery of the culture of the Mediterranean diet, healthy and balanced eating habits, the consumption of these products is growing and the market space is still great.
Even though stores of this kind are located widespread throughout the country, the choice of an innovative formula and the high quality products can retain different customer segments.
The kitchen should, be located away from dangerous competitors. It should be clearly visible and placed in a hallway or in a densely populated area.
To open a fresh pasta store, you must have technical knowledge and have practiced in a factory to learn the tricks of the trade. Later you can keep attending the training courses organized by Trade Associations of the sector or even learn by yourself through websites on the Internet, books etc.
As for the investment, purchasing the equipment and machinery needed to launch this business is a very costly decision. However, this can be covered by loans of low interest that benefits artisans, since those who produce and sell fresh pasta perform a craft activity in all respects. The mark-ups are quite high, given the ingredients of the fresh pasta (flour, eggs, salt and any fillings) impact the selling price of products to a limited extent.
In any case, and especially in the beginning when you do not know the number of customers you will have and consequently, how much you will earn, try to avoid substantial fixed costs and do everything you can to contain personnel costs, which drives the numbers up in the budget of a pasta factory. If you do not start with a working partner involved in the activity, it is preferable to have a domestic worker or a part-time employee who works only on the dates and times of increased influx of customers. In general, there are good reasons to believe that starting a fresh pasta store can still be a good idea but success can only come if certain conditions are met.
Before starting any work of renovation and before equipping the location/kitchen, it is important to strictly follow the laws of hygiene in force, to prevent any bureaucratic obstacles that inhibit carrying out the activity. You should in fact ask the ASL office what obligations they met to obtain the health authorization for their premises, as it is an indispensable permission to carry out the activity regularly.
Another care should be taken not to underestimate the commitment that the activity involves. The pasta maker work is challenging enough. Not only because it takes a lot to keep the store open even on holidays (for example on Sunday morning) but also because its activities gets very intense considerably during the holidays, when almost everyone is on vacation forcing the artisan to stay in the store past the opening hours.
Finally, in addition to being conscious that to get the work up to speed and learn how to plan the production you need at least a couple of years, it is essential to take into account the seasonality of products.
Fresh pasta is primarily consumed in the cold months, while in the summer the sales suffer an inevitable decline. It is essential to offer a broaden the range of products and find the ones that, according to the characteristics of the area you work, does not allow you to suffer the decline in sales.
In conclusion, those who turn to a pasta factory not only want to eat a genuine handmade product, according to traditional recipes, with the same flavor and same nutritional quality of what we could prepare at home but also want to deal with trained personnel, helpful, kind and able to inspire the greatest confidence, by selling good quality products at a fair price. A price that may not be high only if, combines the technical to the management skills: the capacity to hold the production costs thanks to the good choice of suppliers, and an efficient scheduling of its own production with the greatest reduction in waste.

Possible set-up

You can open a store of homemade fresh pasta according to different formulas that trace the possible set up for this activity. Here we distinguish and describe them, pointing out that the aspiring entrepreneur will choose the formula that is more advantageous to him, on the basis of the initial situation, the area in which decides to operate, the availability of premises, the skills he possessed and the sustainable investment. You can choose to start a:
  • traditional handmade pasta store;
  • handmade pasta store with consumption on the premises.

Traditional homemade pasta store.

The pasta factory activity is organized into two main tasks, expressed by physical spaces that compose the premises: the kitchen and the selling area. The artisan's activity consists in the preparation of fresh pasta and delicatessen products that can be sold directly to the consumer from the sales counter. The production area and the selling area should be connected, to facilitate the transportation of raw materials and finished products. Furthermore, the kitchen can be "visible" to allow customers to observe the preparation of the pasta dough.
Usually, the staff works simultaneously in the kitchen and in the sales area. Although part of the activities for preparing the dough can be done before the opening of the store to the public, it may be indispensable to supply the counter more than once during the day. One of the peculiarities of this activity is in the sale of a fresh product, made shortly before being sold.

Pasta store with consumption on the premises.

In recent times, it has increasingly been established a trend to coexist in the same space, both the purchasing and the local consumption, according to the model of so-called "restaurant-shops". In the same room, you can buy and eat.
To propose the consumption on the premises it is important not to let the kitchen manage the activities of foods and drinks, i.e. the category which includes bars and restaurants.
If the space allows, it may be possible to set up a room for the sales activity with a counter area, shelves and stools allowing customers to eat pasta and the food dishes in the premises. If you have outdoor space available, you can arrange the space for outdoor eating. However, the kitchen must not be equipped with tables or serve any customers.
Once the limits of the management activities are not clearly defined, it is important that only products are sold and that the additional requirements provided for by law are observed, for example the use of disposable cutlery. In this regard, it is necessary to deal with the requirements and local regulations concerning the administration of the business.
If the pasta store offers to the consumer a service in the location, it will be necessary to assign a staff to prepare the dishes in the kitchen. If the cold dishes can benefit from the advance preparation, the hot dishes should be prepared just before consumption. It is important to ensure, during peak hours - such as lunch - that the two businesses - of selling and consumption on site - do not come into conflict, ensuring fast service and high quality products.

Description of the Idea

SECTOR Food/ Beverages
LIFE CYCLE OF THE IDEA Growing with possibility of expansion
MARKET local market - small customer base
ENVIRONMENT AND LOCATION Urban centers - Residential areas - Shopping Centers
WORKFORCE / COMMITMENT One / two persons + possible collaborators
REQUIREMENTS No need for specific professional requirements. The required technical skills are acquired through professional courses
INVESTMENT $ 50.000/100.000

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