Pasta and just might be the perfect name and immediately a restaurant that serves only first courses of pasta dishes. Cooked in various ways, with a variety of types of pasta and sauces, arising from the Italian culinary tradition and beyond. To make the room more original, it would be good to be able to also offer foreign cuisine, of course, always pasta. The furniture should be nice, but simple to be in tune with the food-based proposed. The paste is in fact a poor food, but you can prepare truly delicious dishes. An initiative of this type has a good chance of success, whereas the dough is one of the most popular foods and appreciated in our country, also by foreign tourists who literally go crazy for our spaghetti.

Life Cycle of the Idea: With More Widespread Distribution of Spaces
Technical Innovation: The Market
Market: Local Market Catchment Medium
Skills 'Technical Needed: Common
Geographical Location: In All Environments
Investment Needed: Medium - From 50,000 to 100,000 $
Method 'Start: Start System

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  • 3) How to organize the best method to organize the start up business

  • 4) To whom and how to sale every secret you need to now to start your new business

  • 5) Where to buy a brief directory where to buy product for each business

  • 6) Photo gallery a little images portfolio for each business useful for advertising purpose

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