Often they apportion blame to colleagues irritating, the boss that promises and then does not maintained computer does not work. But a true professional should never onto others the responsibility for their failures or a lack of promotion. A more balanced and responsible attitude should stop to reflect on their shortcomings. A periodic review of their professional status can help to share with a plus. For these reasons it is present the idea to start a center for check up for his career. The service consists of the complete overhaul of their professional situation carried out by experienced consultants. An opportunity to focus on the possible absence of elements and requirements vital to winning the desired position. Lack of updating, poor command of a foreign language, limited knowledge of the specific techniques are among the main "investigated" factors.

Life Cycle of the Idea: Emerging
Technical Innovation: The Product / Service
Market: Market of Great Basin Local Users
Skills 'Technical Necessary: Sophisticated
Geographical Location: In All Environments
Investment Needed: Low - Less Than 50,000 Euro
Method 'Start: Start System

  • 1) The Idea the dynamic data of each business

  • 2) What to offer a fully list of product and service of each businesses

  • 3) How to organize the best method to organize the start up business

  • 4) To whom and how to sale every secret you need to now to start your new business

  • 5) Where to buy a brief directory where to buy product for each business

  • 6) Photo gallery a little images portfolio for each business useful for advertising purpose

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